You are invited to our very first Meet & Eat at Barley on Sunday August 12 at 9 a.m.

It will be an opportunity for you to network with other foodies and also to try out Barley’s brunch menu. There will be a sharing menu that will allow you to try all the dishes on their brunch menu and the toasts on their breakfast menu. You shouldn’t be hungry afterwards. Better to not eat before arriving xD

Click here to see all the dishes you’ll be able to try from their brunch menu, and more. 

Please register before Saturday August 11, 5pm if you’d like to have the sharing menu. This will allow us to better plan the food so that you are well fed. If you prefer to have your own dish, no worries, you can order it on-site. No need to pay anything before. Simply DM us on Instagram at @myum_foodies to let us know that you’ll be there if you haven’t done so. We’ll be having some complimentary samples for all attendees as well as a little surprise! 

Feel free to invite your friend(s).

See you on Sunday! =)

Sharing menu for 1

Access includes:

  • Bites of all the dishes on the brunch menu
  • Toasts from the breakfast menu
  • A latte of your choice
  • A good time spent with other foodies
  • Samples offered to all attendees
  • A little surprise offered to all attendees

Price: $30 + taxes
We're asking you to make an online deposit of $6 + taxes in order for us to plan the food accordingly. The difference ($24 + taxes and service) will be paid on-site.

No tickets to be printed.

CA$0.90 (tax)
Total: CA$6.90
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