Sparrow, eclectic cuisine in a British pub-inspired decor


The meaning behind the name “Sparrow”

Us: “Why Sparrow?”
Murad (owner): “Because it’s small, cute and fast, like me” 

Eclectic cuisine

Reminiscent of 1940-50 British pubs, Sparrow is a casual and friendly place with an eclectic cuisine. Taking its inspiration from North America, Europe, Middle East and India, it offers a wide variety of dishes spanning from Pancakes to Shakshuka, Naan and Banh Mi. The food is meant to be accessible like what you would find in a British pub, yet better quality. 

We had the two pancakes on their menu. The Buckwheat Pancakes were really soft, not dry like what you wouldsometimes encounter with buckwheat-based food. It had a nutty flavor with a slightly sweet taste. The second consisted of spinach & green onion pancakes, topped with House-Smoked Trout, beet salad, a soft-boiled egg and whipped crème fraiche. The combination was delicious. Nevertheless, we definitely preferred the Buckwheat Pancakes! At our surprise we learned that The Cardinal Tea Room, located right above Sparrow, was owned by the same owner. Pastries served at Sparrow come in fact from that place.

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Données cartographiquesDonnées cartographiques ©2018 Google
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Buckwheat Pancakes
The Buckwheat Pancakes
The House-Smoked Trout

Our overall impression

All in all the diversified menu, the welcoming neighborhood and the tasty food are the high points that will make us come back for more!


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