Perles et Paddock, the feeling of brunching in an outdoor garden


An inviting decor

Opened since June 2017 in the buzzing and creative area of Griffintown, Perles et Paddock has captured my attention by its beauty and style the minute I set foot in. Natural light was flowing in everywhere from skylight over the bar. The abundance of greenery gave this place a unique charm and feeling of being at home. Co-owners of the restaurant, Maxime Perreault and Jessica Goulet’s idea definitely gave me the impression of walking straight into a garden. The interior design has been thoroughly thought and devised by Maxime along with the collaboration of Maurice Martel (architect), Marianne Desjardins (graphic design) and Fx Studio (design collaboration). Not to mention the valuable input by Maxime who conceived the acoustic panels on the ceiling. The isolation of the sound is definitely an important aspect as this allows customers to hear each others while listening to the music.

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The meaning behind the name “Perles et Paddock”

Why “Perles et Paddock”? To understand its origin and the meaning behind the name we’ll take a look back in time at the history of Griffintown. Unlike what we know nowadays Griffintown’s been once a working-class neighbourhood. The presence of stables sheltering horses that carried building materials along the Lachine canal was the typical feature of the scenery at that time, thus the image of a horse on Perles et Paddock’s logo. Maxime wanted us to remember that part of history and legacy of this town. The addition of “Perles” to the name serves the purpose of counterbalancing the more masculine “Paddock” with a feminine and elegant touch.

Nicely combined flavours and excellent cocktails 

Obviously, one’s can’t talk about restaurant without talking about the quality and refinement of the food. Maxime’s devotion to use mainly organic products is the reflection of his care for quality and eating healthy. Sweet and Salty Waffle, one of their most popular dishes, is super tasty! Composed of organic fried chicken, foie gras, honeycomb brittle, sea buckthorn and maple syrup, this dish is a must try. According to the waiter’s explanation, the unique taste and texture of the honeycomb brittle was obtained by adding bicarbonate to maple taffy at 300 Fahrenheit, which inflates the maple taffy into a rather firm “sponge”. 

The Sweet and Salty Waffle
The Sweet Potato Pancakes

One other dish that we enjoyed is the Sweet Potato Pancakes. It is topped with strawberries, caramelized pecans and maple syrup, and has a really soft texture.

As for the drinks, Perles et Paddock never disappoints with its famous cocktails. The Ragtime Fizz, a drink I had the chance to taste, is a cocktail that is currently available during brunch. It is made of gin, balm, orange cream and fresh and sweet blossom. Its light mousse at the top added an interesting texture to the drink.

Our overall impression

All in all, I can only have positive comments about this restaurant : high quality, extreme care, warm and friendly staff. We loved our time at Perles et Paddock so much that we stayed from 10:30am to almost 5pm eating, sipping our cocktails and chatting. I can assure you that this is not in our habits to linger that long in a restaurant but at Perles et Paddock … it is simply amazing!


The Ragtime Fizz

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