Café Melbourne, colorful Australian brunch in the Plateau


In recent years, there has been an increasing trend for brunch in Melbourne, Australia. The capital is changing the brunch game, with restaurants and cafes serving incredible plated dishes, with colorful herbs, flowers, leaves and nuts.

Fortunately, you can enjoy Australian-inspired dishes a bit closer to home at the Melbourne Cafe, located in the Plateau. The place, initially owned by Australians Angus Castran and Xavier Martineli was taken over by friends François, Anisha, Sebastien and Mathieu a year ago. The café serves breakfast and lunch every day and has a pop-up brunch menu on weekends

Beautiful and filling dishes

We went there for brunch and ordered the Jungle Bird (funny name) and the Porridge. The Jungle Bird consisted of a burger with a very thick beef patty, cheddar, arugula and bacon. The blackberry jam & BBQ sauce, with the grilled pineapple, was as an original twist to the usual burger dressings.

The Jungle Bird
The Jungle Bird
The Porridge

The Porridge, on its side, was filling and slightly sweet. It was made of mixed berries and black sesame overnight oats, almond milk, sliced banana, mixed fruits, roasted almond, maple syrup, raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Our overall impression

Overall, food is delicious, portions are generous, and presentation is gorgeous. If you’re looking to add some color to your brunch, you know where to go!



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