Barley, good, healthy and oh-so Instagrammable food at this Montreal’s very first cereal bar


Opened in Fall 2017, this Montreal’s very first cereal bar offers more than 200 brands and variations of boxed cereals, with a rotating selection not normally sold in Canada. Cereals can be eaten as a parfait, a smoothie bowl or simply with milk.

The Cereals

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More than cereals for breakfast and brunch

Although branded as a cereal bar, their menu goes beyond cereals, including salads and toasts served every day, along with pancakes, waffles, eggs, and more served on weekends for brunch. At our very first Meet & Eat that has gathered 26 Montreal foodies, we got to try all the items on their brunch menu. Their very soft and light Matcha Pancakes, topped with white chocolate icing and succulent fresh strawberries and blackberries, came as people’s most favorite, as well as our top choice. The matcha flavor gave a nice kick to the pancakes, without being too strong. This makes it a good choice even for people who are not fond of matcha.

The Matcha Pancakes
The Sweet Potato Waffles

The sweet potato waffles served with salmon gravlax and a poached egg came as our second favorite. The sweet potatoes gave an interesting sweet flavor and soft texture to the waffles. And we shall assume that the sweet potatoes make them healthier than regular waffles.

On their breakfast menu, we had previously tried their Safari Smoothie (mango, pineapple, banana, Greek yogurt, coconut milk and homemade granola). The pronounced taste of mango and pineapple brought so much freshness in our mouth as we had more and more of it. This surprised us as smoothies incorporating bananas often taste too overwhelming. 

We had also tried their Joe Louis parfait yogurt, which we thought would have tasted like a regular granola yogurt you could make at home. But surprisingly, it turned out to bemuch better: the yogurt was super creamy, and the combination of each topping tied in harmoniously with one and another.


The Joe Louis parfait yogurt

A place made for foodies, bloggers and influencers

What especially sets Barley apart is that the place was designed with the experience of foodies, bloggers and influencers in mind. In fact, Barley’s owner, Soufian Mamloux, had a vision to create a space where foodies, bloggers and influencers could feel comfortable, enjoy quality and healthy food, while also being surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing environment. Their colorful dishes put over the black wooden tables do make amazing props for Instagram pictures, which is why you may have seen so many of their pictures trending on your social media. 

A café-bistro-working space-marketing agency

In addition to being a cereal bar, Barley is also a café and a working space. The comfortable sofas along the wall, the abundanceof natural light, the easy accessto WiFi and the numerous outlets (we all know how long our laptop and cellphone batteries last…) do make this place an enjoyable environment for any type of work. Finally, Barley is also a marketing agency. Soufian Mamloux is the co-founder with Jeehye Jung of e.a.t. agency, which is obviously behind Barley’s marketing. It is interesting to see how the marketing agency helps the restaurant, and how the restaurant brings visibility to the marketing agency. We can even assist to e.a.t. agency’s meetings as it takes place in a glass office located right at the end of the restaurant. 

To wrap it up

With a focus on aesthetics, quality and healthy food, we can tell that Barley knows how to seduce foodies, bloggers and influencers. They are not the only ones to have been seduced! At Barley, you will encounter a diversified clientele: from food bloggers taking pictures for their “Gram” to families simply enjoying a good breakfast together and…dogs (yes, dogs are accepted).


Click here to view the menu

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