We’re Gab and My. We moved in the Southwest in March 2020, right before the pandemic hit us.

The Myum you know today started during COVID-19’s confinement. The gyms being closed, Gab and I started running in the morning, at first, just for the sake of running. Then, we started running to get butter croissants, to compensate for not being able to eat out at restaurants anymore. In fact, the Quebec government had allowed only essential businesses to remain open during the pandemic.

Having recently moved in Pointe-Saint-Charles, Montreal, we were, by the same token, discovering our neighbourhood while running for croissants. We kept on searching for new places with pastries to try in the morning. Through this activity, we tried to stay in shape and sane during confinement.

One day, shortly after we start this new routine, Gab asked “What if there was a way we could search for where to get a specific pastry?”. He had in mind a search engine, which I had somewhat already built in the past for what used to be Myum. As a matter of fact, I had built a search engine for brunch restaurants in Montreal some years ago but ended putting an end to the project as I didn’t see any future to it. For Gab, it was just an idea like this; I, however, took it seriously. I thought it was a fun idea and that we could really work on it! We could build some kind of map with all the pastries and desserts in Montreal, starting with our neighbourhood and its neighboring ones.

From then, we searched for all the places with pastries and desserts in Pointe-Saint-Charles, Griffintown, Verdun, and Ville-Émard. These included pastry/bakery shops, coffee shops and local grocery stores. We listed all the places in an Excel sheet and committed to visit each of them. There were days we even did 5 shops in a day! When it’s our first visit, we take pictures of every single pastries and desserts they have for our website. We make sure to try the butter croissant from all the places (when they make croissants) as it serves as our point of comparison. What an adventure it has been!

In retrospective, it wasn’t only the jogging we did to get croissants in the morning that helped me keep my sanity during the pandemic; it was the whole project. Myum first started with the objectives to find the best butter croissant in the Southwest boroughs of Montreal and to stay sane and in shape during the confinement.